30, 60, 105, day bullet program for HSBC, HK and SCB, HK

Platform is running a $10 Minimum program out of HSBC, Hong Kong and Standard Charter, Hong Kong. If the funds are not in Hong Kong at one of these 2 banks then Harrison will open up an account in Hong Kong at one of these banks so the client can move his funds into HSBC, HK or Standard Charter, HK.

Funds will be placed on a Administrative Hold.

There is no SWIFT. The language of the Admin Hold is similar to the language in the attached here SWIFT sample. This blocking verbiage (approximately) will be place on the bank screen.

The return is 25 times in a month. Max entry is 20M returning 500M in 30 days.

Long term trade will be offered at 100% per month with compounding of first three months permitted. Example:

20M entry would net client 500M in 30 banking days
First month profit = 500M – compounded onto 500M bullet profit = 1B
Second month profit = 1B – compounded onto first month profit = 2B
Next ten months would return 2B per month paid out 1B every two weeks for 40 weeks. All from 20M!


New 3 Day Bullet Program @ 100% per Day. Tear sheet only, no Swift, no Block, no Hold..Funds must be in Hong Kong Bank. Can be any reputable bank in HONG KONG.

If you are a cash client and are willing to move funds to HSBC HK or SCB HK. Then it will work seamlessly. Funds stay under your control. We only need you to pull a tear sheet.

Client must be able to pull the tear sheet in the bank in front of my trader.
Once they pull the tear sheet, they trade.. client can enter 3 times.. For example. 10m client pulls tear sheet
Day 1 We trade and they make 100% that day.
Day 2 tear sheet we trade. 100% that day
Day 3 tear sheet we trade. 100% that day
Thursday we settle Friday payday 30m in profits

Week 2. Same steps except you’re at 30m
Day 1. Same
Day 2. Same
Day 3. Same
Thursday settle Friday payout in 90m profits.

Week 3. Same except your at 90m
Day 1. Same
Day 2. Same
Day 3. Same
Thursday settle Friday payout 270m in profits.

Brokers make 5-10%. Nice clean deal. You do have the right to quit after week 1, 2, or 3.

Also you do not have to invest your earnings you can stay at the 10m level. To be considered need a kyc package and passport and pof.

This is a table top because you have to meet the trader in the bank.All contracts and fees agreements will be executed prior to going to HK.

Program #3


This is a real commitment holder though and not an asset manager. Commitment holder so he is not waiting for paper. He always has paper available.

Guaranteed returns and not a best case ROI. Because the trader / platform is using their own funds, Instruments are valued at 100% LTV.

Admin hold at STANDARD & CHARTERED Banks, instrument/ cash delivery required for all other banks via swift, etc . Performing program and trade starts upon confirmation of block/swift.

Compounding is permitted. Client contacted within 48 hours