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Atlantis Trading Group offers premier Investment Banking, Wealth and Asset Management services to individuals, corporate and institutional investors. With an understanding of your goals, Atlantis provides insight and solutions that help you make financial decisions with confidence.

Benefits of Atlantis’s Investment Banking and Wealth Management include:

  • Individual advice and assistance from Atlantis client advisors
  • Analysis and review of corporate and personal risk profiles and investment objectives
  • Delegation of investment decisions to product specialists
  • Risk control: internationally diversified investments in funds and direct investments
  • Performance reviews and statements
  • Access to all major financial markets and investment products

Margin Trading

Atlantis Trading Group provides margin trading facilities to its clients with access to all major global financial markets. Competitive pricing and fast executions are the hallmarks of this division accented by professional support services including insightful research and 24/7 access.

Bonds Desk 
Atlantis Trading Group’s fixed income bond desk facilitates investors with a 24/7 dedicated team of seasoned professionals working to achieve your investment goals.

Online Trading

Atlantis Trading Group’s online trading offers speed, sophistication, security and simplicity.
Its features and benefits include:

  • Easy order entry (limit/stop/oco)
  • Real time trades and transactions
  • Automated, real time P&L and Margin statements
  • Historical, up to date account reports
  • Comprehensive view of trading history and open positions
  • Account statements generated at both the customer and firm level
  • World Market News

Atlantis Trading Group offers online traders supplemental advantages such as:

  • Trade Advice
  • Management of complex trades
  • Automated, customized account management systems
  • 24/7 Help Desk for direct, personal attention