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A day trade is the purchase and sale (or short sale and purchase) of the same contract or security on the same day in a single account. A liquidation of overnight positions (or purchase to cover a previous day’s short sale) of the same contract or security the next day is not considered as a day trade.
Atlantis Trading Group’s is now offering its online trading customers to conduct Day trading on its platform which already incorporates speed, sophistication, security among some of its benefits and advantages of trading online with the company.

Account Activity 
To open an account download the Atlantis Trading Group Financial Services Account form along with the Day trading agreement.

Each account must be opened with an equity value of a minimum of US $ 10,000 either in cash or negotiable securities if you have prior arrangements with us. This can be done either through account transfer or direct deposit.

You understand that by opening a Day trading account with Atlantis Trading Group Financial Services that any and all trading decisions are made by you alone. You accept all responsibility for transactions that occur in your account. Due to the risk of loss which can be substantial when day trading you should evaluate your financial condition as to whether day trading is in your best interest

When you develop a relationship with Atlantis Trading Group Financial Services, you join forces with a global financial institution providing expertise in world markets and valuable banking experience from international industry professionals.

With traditional, personalized banking services coupled with leading edge on-line banking technology, diversified financial and investment product portfolios and individual customer care to rival any local domestic or international bank, Atlantis Trading Group Financial Services is completely focused on meeting and exceeding your personal and corporate needs and goals.

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