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Welcome to Atlantis Trading Group

We structure complex transactions across the capital spectrum to minimize dilution and optimize the capital structure. Often these solutions involve a hybrid of debt and equity.

In Person Assistance
In Person Assistance

In person assistance

Limited Paper Work

Limited paper work

Phone Consultations.

Phone consultations.

Atlantis Trading Group facilitates the placement process. Using our distribution capabilities, we target a specific group of investors and organize meetings that can effectively maximize management’s time. In our experience, an orchestrated process increases the momentum of the transaction and thereby, its competitiveness.

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Trade Programs

We offer services that enable large and small businesses to fund their success by relieving cash flow restrictions and taking advantage of profitable business opportunities.


With an understanding of your goals, Atlantis provides insight and solutions that help you make financial decisions with confidence.

Fund/Asset Security

For investors, asset-backed securities are an alternative to investing in corporate debt.

Steps for Applying to a Private Placement Program

This is a process which is critical to understand, but the problem is 99.9% of those in the private placement market have never closed a deal. Unfortunately, this had led to a market flooded with inexperience and misrepresentation. Think about it, how can you accurately explain the process of a private placement transaction if you have never closed one? Simple answer, you can’t!

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Private Placement Expertise